Roy is a Product Owner in the Shop team

“Working in a multidisciplinary team is really fun, and creates a good dynamic.
We laugh a lot, but the most important thing is that we keep each other sharp. Mijndomein is a young, innovative company where each member of staff is given the opportunity to develop his or her ideas and help make the company even better. At Mijndomein, you’re given a lot of freedom and you can work with the latest technologies, which keeps the work interesting and challenging.”

Nienke over haar domein

Nienke is a Junior developer in the Shop team

“There’s a good atmosphere here. Mijndomein does a lot for the staff and organises a lot of fun things. These include fruit and lunch in the office, chair massages, a bonus if you do your work well and the opportunity to grow further. Recently, the Shop team went for a beer together. I work in a really great team, and the style of development really appeals to me. In my opinion, anything is possible, and this is important to me.”

Giovanni over zijn domein

Giovanni is a technical assistant at the help desk

“You often hear stories about Facebook, Google and other fun, open and innovative companies, where you are given an unbelievable amount of freedom to do your job. Mijndomein is the Dutch version of this. For example, I was given a laptop and can do my job as I see fit. No two days are the same, because I try to answer the questions that come in as creatively as possible. And, it’s a bit of a cliché, but my colleagues are also the reason why I enjoy my work.”

Leon over zijn domein

Leon’s tasks include setting up online campaigns and devising new formats

“I’ve now spent three enjoyable years working at Mijndomein. I feel at home here, because at Mijndomein we really do things differently to other companies. The mentality, the good dose of guts and the opinionated attitude appeal to me. If you have a good idea, then we go for it. And if it doesn’t work out? That’s a pity, but at least we will have learned something. We dare to fail, which makes Mijndomein really different to the rest and makes my work as an Online Marketeer really fun.”

Tessa werkt voor het Shopteam

Tessa works in the Shop team

“For me, the best thing about working at Mijndomein is that it’s really dynamic and you have the space to develop yourself. It doesn’t matter which job you have and how long you have been here, ideas are always welcome and people really listen to you. I’m passionate about living an active lifestyle, and Mijndomein offers me opportunities for doing so. This year we’re even taking part in the Roparun, a great sporting event to raise money for a good cause.”

Bert over zijn domein

Bert is a full-stack developer in a team that doesn’t wear ties (the Hosting team, that is)

“Mijndomein goes its own way and is always on the lookout for solutions that really make a difference to our customers. We’re also given a lot of freedom to integrate our own insights and ideas into the products we offer to our customers. For example, several colleagues and I are currently working together on an improved hosting platform that focuses on the user experience.”